A Newbie Veteran (Modern Warfare 2)

For the past few days, I’ve been spending my gaming time completing the Modern Warfare 2 campaign on veteran mode and had a lot of fun doing it. I’m really not experienced at all with FPS games. In fact, Modern Warfare 2 is my first FPS game…at least the first that I can remember. When I first got the game, it came with my Modern Warfare 2 special edition Xbox 360 that came with the console, two controllers, a headset, and the game. I doubt I would have spent the money buying the game separately, especially since it was new and cost something like $60. I have so many RPG games in my backlog that an FPS game would have been pretty far down my list.

Nevertheless, the game became mine and I played through it at the time on recruit mode, the easiest mode possible for this game. Somehow I managed to bumble my way through it all. Once that was done though, I put it aside and went back to PC gaming for a few months. I only had a standard definition TV and found it difficult to read much of the text on the games that were designed with an HDTV in mind.

Well recently I bought a little 22″ Samsung HDTV that I keep near my computer on a cute little microwave cart and my Xbox 360 has found new life! I pulled out Modern Warfare 2 again and decided to do veteran mode so I could get more of the achievements. It was an extremely frightening prospect to me since I hadn’t played an FPS game since I first played through on recruit, and also because I’ve seen the nightmare modes in some of the PC RPG’s I’ve played and there are usually insane amounts of enemies with huge amounts of hitpoints and armor that can be very hard to penetrate. Though I’ve been capable of playing these RPG’s on the harder mode, I usually play them on normal because nightmare tends to be so slow, tedious, and draining having to tread so carefully and plod through one tiny step at a time.

But the PC games also didn’t offer achievements for nightmare. It was just there for those who wanted more of a challenge. I tend to be much more story driven and really don’t care at all if something is challenging or not so long as it’s fun for me. Sometimes I just want a “Diablo” type of experience where I’m just mowing down hordes of wimpy creatures left and right without having to strategize every little thing.

So with much┬átrepidation, I started veteran mode in Modern Warfare 2. Slowly but surely I made it through. The absolute *worst* mission for me turned out to be the one where we had to get through this enemy base and reach a submarine in less than 2 minutes. I started that mission over and over again a gazillion times and either would get killed before reaching the sub, or time would run out before I reached the sub. I tried many different strategies after watching numerous videos on You Tube to see how other people got through. The big catch is that those other people were a whole lot more skilled than I am when it comes to moving and shooting. I tend to have to stand still to shoot in order to actually hit something with any accuracy, so yes, I’m slow, and this was a timed quest.

I HATE TIMED QUESTS. Quests…missions…whatever. If they are timed, I hate them. With a passion. When I finally get through them, I don’t bask in the accomplishment. Nope, my first and last thought is, “Thank goodness I NEVER have to do THAT again!”

What actually got me through that mission is finding out hours later that there are actually checkpoints during the 2 minute run. No one on any of the videos I saw mentioned anything about checkpoints. I found that information in some obscure forum post somewhere as advice to someone else who was having my same problem. Once I found out about the checkpoints, I made it my goal to get to each checkpoint in time rather than to the sub and was finally able to complete that mission. I don’t think recruit mode had a time limit or I probably would have remembered that one.

Playing on veteran has made me better at the game though. I played through a couple of missions on recruit so I could get the “kill 7 chickens in 10 seconds” achievement, and the achievement to sneak up and kill an enemy without him noticing, and I did much better than in my original playthrough. I still have a long ways to go though, and currently I’m padding around the perimeters of the spec ops missions. There are achievements for those too.

Unfortunately, some of them seem to require another player besides me to accomplish. I typically hate asking for help and it’s worse since my FPS skills still really aren’t up to par, so I keep thinking that unless my co-op companions are really good (and patient) friends, they will likely get very frustrated with me when I do something like shoot them instead of the enemy, or my aim is severely off. So while I think these spec ops missions will be fun, I’m kind of nervous about them too, primarily because it wouldn’t be just me messing things up for me, but because I’d be potentially messing up someone else. Right now, I’m seeing what I can do solo and finishing up some achievements I missed during the campaign. (Grrr…I really dislike akimbo weapons…can’t seem to hit anyone most of them time with those!)

Maybe I”m just insane, but now I’m also thinking of picking up the first Modern Warfare and maybe fill in the storyline a bit before moving on to Modern Warfare 3. For a game that is pretty focused on multiplayer, the singleplayer campaign is quite good.

My Xbox 360 achievement progress on this game:

My Achievements – Modern Warfare 2

2 Responses to A Newbie Veteran (Modern Warfare 2)
  1. Rakuno
    September 4, 2011 | 10:53 am

    Well, I am not a fan of FPSes (with very, very few exceptions)so can’t comment on Modern Warfare or offer much in help for the co-op achievements (assuming you can do it via the intertubes) not to mention I suck at those type of games. ­čśí

    Anyhoo, I hear ya about timed quests. I hate it too. In fact there was a recent game with a timed level that I just hated to go through and tried to get through it as fast as possible. Don’t remember which one it was too… Only one I can remember is Dawn of War II: Retribution which has one timed level. But it isn’t too bad in that game so I am thinking it wasn’t that one…

    Also, I never thought about hard difficulty modes as being a way to hone your skills in the game. To me they were always something for people who wanted more challenge. Since I am a pretty story-driven guy and rarely play a game more than once (exceptions if there are lots of choices that affect the story) I never play in hard mode. It is a interesting idea though and one worth to keep in mind for those more action-oriented games.

    Good luck finishing the rest of your achievements and hope you can find a partner for the co-op mode. ­čÖé

  2. Gwendolyn
    September 4, 2011 | 7:03 pm

    I hate timed quests too!

    I used to enjoy FPS and other types of games (years and years ago), then I got a computer, logged into UO and haven’t touched much of anything that isn’t a mmorpg since.

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