Character Bios…Finally!

At last, I’ve just added a new character biography section to this site under the menu heading “My Characters”. Earlier last week, @heart1lly_ tweeted that she would be interested in seeing some pictures of some of my characters, so I got to thinking I’d get off my figurative duff and start getting all the information I’ve collected on my characters into separate biography pages for them.

I’ve had so many characters in various games, and many of them return again and again in multiple games, and just keeping them all sorted out in my head is fine for me but doesn’t help much when other people want to know something about them. Plus, my head can only keep so much in there without getting things all mixed up.

Over this weekend, I’ve finally made my start! So far, I have a basic bio for Sabine up and ready to go and am already in process with some of the others. These character bios are not intended to be static though. I do plan to add to them from time to time as their stories develop and I get more of their info compiled. Plus, most of my characters do know each other, or know of each other, in some way, so there will be parts of their bios that will interlink.

So for that wise, old quote about all long journeys starting with a single step…well Sabine is that first step. Be sure to check her out through the link below! More to come later!

Everquest 2 - Sabine Sabine Rakza’aka

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