Fireworks Night in Briar (Animal Crossing Wild World)

It had been a long while since I’d visited Briar, my Animal Crossing Wild World town that I play on my Nintendo DSi. I ended up having to do major weed cleanup all over the town and then spent a bunch of time sorting out what was what and where, and whether or not all my animals had moved out in my absence. I hadn’t been majorly attached to any of them because Briar was fairly new before my long hiatus, and had only seven residents. It turns out that six of those seven were still there and I gained two more new residents this past weekend.

Seems I came back to Briar at a good time. Last night was Fireworks Night in town, and the mayor, Tortimer, was outside City Hall all evening until midnight passing out roman candles to celebrate the summer seasonal event.

Fireworks lasted from 7pm until Midnight and all of the town residents were stoked about them. The mosquitoes were out in force though! Music celebrity K.K. Slider also played his weekly gig in the Museum Cafe and my character, Katria, got a new song to take home to play on her phonograph.

The night lasted late, but Katria was up again in the early morning rain and caught the Coelacanth, a huge fossil fish that is very rare and only comes out when it’s raining! She ran right to the Museum to donate it to Blathers before anything could happen to it.

Despite the fun town events, one of the residents, a mouse named Bella, had decided she’d had enough of Briar and was planning to move out of town. She was all packed up and ready to go last night, all her possessions stacked around inside her house in cardboard boxes. Katria asked her numerous times to stay, but no amount of asking seemed to change her mind. Before going to sleep, Katria mailed Bella and all of the other residents some little seashell gifts she had picked up along the shore, the most expensive one going to Bella as one last attempt of persuasion.

Happy news! The next day Bella was out and about around town with her little umbrella, and her stuff was all unpacked once again in her house. She had changed her mind about moving! At least for now. Bella then asked Katria if she could come visit at 11:30 that morning and Katria agreed and went home to prepare for Bella’s arrival. Bella very much enjoyed her stay and also very much enjoyed telling Katria’s fortune before ending the visit.

I have so much fun playing Animal Crossing when I’m in the mood to play it. There’s no killing monsters, huge epic quests and storylines, grinding levels, and all the sorts of things that are in many of the other games I play. In Animal Crossing, you live in a little town and spend time getting to know your animal neighbors, collecting bugs, fish, fossils, and other items, fishing, growing hybrid flowers, and planting trees, expanding and decorating your house, and overall making improvements to your town. It’s so much fun with no stress! (Well except when trying to catch things like tarantulas, scorpions, and bees!)

Note: I’ve been crazy busy with work and school this summer, so have been more in the mood to play games in my limited time than blog about them, but I still have lots of plans in the works. They may be slow, but they’re still there!

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  1. Gwendolyn
    August 8, 2011 | 8:45 am

    Oh so that’s what the game looks like. I’ve never seen any of them.

  2. Rakuno
    August 8, 2011 | 12:19 pm

    Like Gwendolyn I never saw the game before. Well, except a bit in webcomic form. Somehow I imagined it to be quite different… Using sprites instead of 3D models.

    Anyhoo, I can see the appeal of a game like that. Just hanging around in the game world, getting to know your neighbors, doing certain activities when the opportunity presents… Now I wonder if I have any game like that in my current game library. Or something similar for PC. Well, something that isn’t the Sims. Nothing against the game but I get bored of it very fast. /sigh

  3. a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
    August 8, 2011 | 9:17 pm

    I was kind of surprised by the way it looked too when I first saw it. People on one of the Sims forum I read had a long thread about it and got me interested. At the time, I didn’t have a Wii or a DSi so it was a few months before I decided to try it and actually saw what it looked like.

    For the PC, the closest game I can think of would be Viva Pinata, at least from what I’ve heard about it. I’ve never played it myself, but have it on my “want to play” list somewhere. Animal Crossing has some “simmish” qualities, but is also very different in a lot of ways. Like nearly every game, I play it for a while and then let it sit for another while, then pick it back up again, and so it goes.

    • Rakuno
      August 9, 2011 | 6:18 pm

      Games like this does make me tempted to get either a Wii ora DS (or both!) but I know myself too well that I wouldn’t end buying too many games for them. So the investment wouldn’t be that good.

      There is a Viva Pinata for Windows? *goes of Googling for it* Huh! You are right! There is. I thought it was a Xbox exclusive. I’ve played it a bit on my brother’s Xbox a long time ago and it is an interesting game.

      Yeah, from what you’ve been talking about Animal Crossing in EQ2 I know it is pretty different from The Sims. It is just the closest game I can think of to compare it to. 🙂

      Anyway, yup, having a game you can stop and pick up at any time later from where you stopped is nice. Something I tend to do way too often and then find myself having a hard time getting back into it due to the game’s control scheme/not remembering what I was supposed to do/some other reason.

      • a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
        August 10, 2011 | 11:20 pm

        For me it depends on the particular games available for the system. Even if there are only two or three games I like, if I play the heck out of them, then the game system could be worth it. As it turns out, there are way too many games for all the consoles than I’d ever have time to play, so I have no shortage of them. Plus, all the major consoles have virtual stores too where you can download both new and classic games.

        Viva Pinata is on the PC, Xbox360, and even a pocket version on the Nintendo DS. It’s everywhere!

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