Here doggie, doggie! (Fallout 3)

The best thing in the entire game so far has happened. After finally getting off of the alien spaceship, I took a bit of a detour through the Scrapyard and found Dogmeat! Yay! He is so cute and oh so very helpful too, fetching food and ammo, and especially taking down super mutants, raiders, feral ghouls, and anything else that gets in our way. Dogmeat is probably my favorite character in the entire Fallout series. He was a loyal companion back in Fallout (can’t remember whether it was 1 or 2), and I think I literally cried when he had an accident with a force field that I couldn’t get him through. I had to choose to leave him and move on. There were lots of forum posts that I saw later where people were coming up with all sorts of convoluted solutions to get Dogmeat through that force field, and I do know there was at least one solution that actually worked. By the time I’d read about it though, I’d already finished the game.

And now in Fallout 3, a descendant of the original Dogmeat lives on. I am so happy to have him! And also happy that, unlike the earlier Fallouts, my companions don’t bite, scratch, hit, and shoot me in the back when we get put into a combat situation.  There may be a few things about the original Fallout games that I miss, but the super-slow, turn-based, friendly-fire combat is not one of them.

After getting Dogmeat as a companion, I decided it was time to get back to the main quest for a while. I hadn’t gotten very far into it before I deviated into a few side quests as well as doing some of the downloaded content packs that came with my Game of the Year version of the game. I’m not quite sure why I did them first. I think maybe because I was tired of seeing all those undone entries clogging up my quest journal and just needed to complete them.

I suppose I should say something about the character I’m currently playing in Fallout 3. His name is Daen and he specializes in small guns and energy weapons, and is learning a good deal about explosives. He’s also very good at the stealthy skills of sneak, lockpick, and hacking into computer terminals.He’s not bad at fixing up a few wounds either. I have an extremely difficult time playing mean characters, so he’s a paragon of virtue in power armor, always willing to help anyone in need that he meets. I’ll have to play a meaner character in my second game in order to get the Paradise Falls achievement (as Daen ended up just killing all of the raiders), but I have a feeling I won’t play that character for very long past that point unless there’s another achievement later on that I end up missing. I’ll be with Daen for the long haul, and I know that he’ll take very good care of Dogmeat.

Now Dogmeat and Daen are in the process of helping some people through a tunnel, and have already run into some nasty things. Dogmeat being there makes being in the tunnel a whole lot nicer though! Good doggie!


Current gaming goals:

  • Sacred (PC): Bring peace to Faeries Crossing
  • Fallout 3 (Xbox 360): Discover all locations in Point Lookout
  • Guild Wars 2 (PC): Get Chef and Artificer to 75
  • SWTOR (PC): Valor level 60 for Sabine (currently 51)
  • SWTOR (PC): Gain enough ranked comms for war hero stalker’s generator (have 565/need 3475)
  • SWTOR (PC): Complete Alderaan main quest with Jai’zhi.
  • Torchlight (Xbox 360): Get max level of 100/55 with Sabine (currently 80/55)
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  1. Rakuno
    August 28, 2012 | 3:23 am

    I always heard about Dogmeat but never got to actually find him in my very brief stint in Fallout 3. Fallout New Vegas had a very cool dog too, called… Rex, I think? Unfortunately he wasn’t as good as other companions and most of my playthroughs I kept him back at HQ. Still I always tried to give him the best ending I could and when I found out that if I did certain things in one of the DLCS, he could get an extra good ending. That extra ending just warmed my heart. Yes, I am a dog person through and through. 🙂

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