Imperial Crush! (SWTOR)

Or is that really the sound of Imperials being crushed by the Republic forces? Today was one of those days where Sabine went into the game to do her PvP daily, and then her teams went on to lose all six warzones in a row. All six! She didn’t even get any medals in the first one. What happened was about two minutes into the warzone, we started losing, and then five out of the eight people just gave up and went to stand over at our single turret to get defender medals, leaving three of us to try to complete objectives against a very well organized team of eight. One of the people at the turret said they weren’t going to fight to because there was no point in doing so against two of the people on the other team. They didn’t even try because they apparently believed these two people were invincible or something! Grrr, how frustrating!

Even with only three of us fighting…that soon turned into only two of us as the third decided there was no point without the rest of the team, Sabine managed to get credit for four kills amidst her many gang bang deaths. She even almost stealth-stole one of their turrets. Considering there were only two to three of us *at max* fighting this other team, we still managed to do a little bit of something. I can’t help but think if our entire team actually decided to help go after the objectives instead of standing huddled together at a turret without even trying when the game wasn’t even half over, we might have had a good game even if we still lost. Unfortunately, nothing Sabine managed to do was enough to gain even one medal, so that game was kind of a waste from the beginning outside of learning that some people just give up way too easily.

Well it certainly couldn’t have gotten any worse, so the other games fared a bit better. At least people were trying to do stuff in those even if we still ended up losing. Most of those losses were due to disorganization more than anything else, though there were a couple games where we had people who had never done any warzones before, so that disadvantage only added to the disorganization. It still wasn’t as bad as that first game BY FAR. Everyone has to start somewhere, so even if the team is a bit weaker for it, I don’t mind it a bit compared to people who just give up when the game has barely started, or when there is still opportunity to turn the tide.

On a much better note, Sabine got her first piece of war hero equipment last night! She is now the proud owner of a war hero stalker’s saberstaff!

I still had fun in most of the warzones (except that first one), but once Sabine’s daily was completed, I decided I’d had enough of the Imperial side for today and decided to work on a few more quests with Jai’zhi, my Jedi Knight Sentinel (pictured above) who is currently level 32 and recently landed on Alderaan. Jai’zhi is actually a version of my character Zhiquiang (or Zhi), my Monk in Everquest 2. You can read the bio I made for him here. The Jedi seemed to be the most monk-like classes in SWTOR, and so far the class seems very fitting for him.

I didn’t actually intend to create Jai’zhi at first. I had been playing through some quests with Sabine and about to quit the game for the night when I decided to play with the character creator to get an idea of what I wanted my Trooper to look like. See, I’d intended to make a Trooper after getting Sabine to level 50, so my plan was to see if I could get the look right for him/her. At that point, I hadn’t decided on gender. Well somehow my Trooper ended up to not be a trooper, but be a Jedi Knight instead, and somehow that Jedi Knight turned out to be a representation of my Monk character, Zhi.

I did eventually make the Trooper. She is currently level 1  and still at the very beginning after the first cut scene. Eventually, I’ll be able to play her, but I decided when I started this game that I wasn’t going to let my tendency toward alt-itis get the best of me too soon, and so I’m not planning to play her until Zhi gets to 50 at the earliest. Once that happens, I’ll have a level 50 on both the Imperial and Republic sides and should be able to qualify to get the upcoming HK-51 droid companion.

Current gaming goals:

  • Sacred (PC): Explore and clear area around Florentina
  • SWTOR (PC): Valor level 50 for Sabine
  • SWTOR (PC): Valor level 60 for Sabine (currently 51)
  • SWTOR (PC): Gain enough ranked comms for war hero weapon
  • SWTOR (PC): Gain enough ranked comms for war hero stalker’s generator (have 565/need 3475)
  • SWTOR (PC): Complete Tatooine bonus series with Jai’zhi
  • SWTOR (PC): Complete Alderaan main quest with Jai’zhi.
  • Torchlight (Xbox 360): Get max level of 100/55 with Sabine (currently 78/55)

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