Liril Arrives in Timorous Deep – Everquest 2

Previously a paladin of a little-known order of paladins residing on her small, island village home, Liril is currently recovering from a very lengthy and debilitating illness of unknown source. A few years ago, her brother, Alarac, more of a scholar than a fighter, had been tasked to take her place within the order and to attempt to track down the cause of his sister’s sickness, and to also hopefully find a cure. He has not yet found any useful answers concerning his sister, though with the help of the Ashen Order monks in the desert, he has discovered a lost  part of himself.

Liril had been quite strong and very skilled in combat as a paladin…a rising star amidst her small order, but her illness was very debilitating, and she lost both her strength and her wits the moment she was stricken. Only now, after much attention from the healers in her village monastery, Liril has begun to recover…somewhat…and has left her village to find questions. So far, she has simply found her way to the Timorous Deep.

Liril’s illness is part of the background story I made up for Alarac when I first created him as a Koada’Dal paladin back in 2004 when Everquest 2 began. It helped give him a reason to be away from home and living in a small inn room in Castleview Hamlet. I didn’t go very deep into the illness, other than that it was not something natural, and that there was something malignant about it. At the time, I didn’t make any correlation between the illness and vampires, so like Liril and her brother, Alarac, I’m discovering more of it as I go. I just happen to know a little more about it right now than either of them.

I’d wanted to make a Freeblood character, but I just didn’t have the story for one. Even though I’ve had the option to make one since the new expansion, I had no real reason for one. Sometime last week as I was going over some of my character stories in my mind, I started thinking, “What if?” What if Liril had been infected by a vampire or some sort of vampiric disease? It could certainly help to explain many of the strong physical and mental effects she’d been experiencing.

Is she fully a vampire? I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll never know and perhaps it will not matter over the long-term. She still considers herself Koada’Dal and is thinking of opening up a little tea house in Gorowyn.

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  1. Gwendolyn
    March 30, 2011 | 7:43 am

    Cream? Sugar? Blood?


    I’m still not sure about keeping Rhaya as a Freeblood. She’s quite irked with me at the moment for that change! I wish I could bring Varnor back, but the name is of course taken. I could make him ‘Varnorx’ or something. haha!

  2. a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
    March 30, 2011 | 8:19 am

    I had to do something similar with Sabine as you know. Since “Sabine” was already taken, I pegged on part of her “Rakza’aka” name to it to “Sabine” for “Sabinerak”. It is kind of annoying for people to call her that instead of just “Sabine”, but then I just pretend they just like to use two name combinations when they address her!

    (I know it’s because they really don’t know, but imagination runs away with me!)

    Could be something like that you could do for Varnor.

    In the meantime, would you like some tea? 🙂

    • Rakuno
      March 30, 2011 | 1:28 pm

      Hm…. Blood tea? I wonder if it will ever become as traditional as blood wine. Or Serryna’s zombie flesh tea.

      As for names, did you know there is someone called Sahbine (or was it Sabineh?) in our server?

      Maybe you could do the same with Varnor, Gwendolyn and make a Vharnor. Or something similar.

  3. Gwendolyn
    March 30, 2011 | 2:25 pm

    Yay! Thanks for the suggestion Rakuno, that name was available!

    I saw the Sahbine person too!

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