Mmmmm…gnomeburgers (Everquest 2)

I’m excited to report that I made a gnome in Everquest 2 this past weekend! Her name is Zaji and she is a tiny, gnome necromancer newly arrived to Hate’s Envy in Darklight Woods. I’ve been wanting to make a gnome for a long while, but I didn’t have any character slots left on Antonia Bayle, so now that we have the opportunity to purchase as many character slots as we want, I leaped at this chance…not only to make my gnome, but because I can finally have all nine crafters on the same server.

I’m a craftaholic when it comes to games. It doesn’t matter whether they are MMO’s or single player, if there is crafting involved in any way, I’m there!

Zaji is going to learn to be a weaponsmith. What better craft skill for a scientific, gnomish necromancer than to learn how to make the finest sharp little pointy things to poke and prod at her test subjects?

See, she’s not a necromancer because she likes rot and corruption and being evil and malevolent. Oh no, she’s not like that at all! She’s just so entirely curious about the undead that she decided to make a study of them. Particularly when it comes to vampires. She is just fascinated by vampires and plans to fill her new inn room with all sorts of vampirish memorabilia. She has no intention of actually becoming a vampire herself, mind you. She just likes to study them, and take them apart to see how they work. Maybe she’ll even tinker up a clockwork vampire one day.

Of course, she has to study the other undead creatures as well to become more well-rounded in her field and pass all the necromantic certifications and such that are surely required amongst the arcane academics. She’s already made a good start with all the skeletons and zombies that have been causing issues in Darklight Woods near Neriak, where she now has her home.

I’m not really all that fond of playing mage characters compared to just about every other character type, but I think my little gnome will be fun, particularly since she has a pet and won’t have to constantly root, nuke, mez, etc. like the pet-less mage types. (Just getting my coercer through the Nights of the Dead quests was a real chore!)

When I made her, I made her the smallest size possible for a female gnome, so imagine my reaction when I had her summon her first skeleton tank pet and it turned out to be smaller in size than her! Well after I got done laughing and making comments about it to others in chat, I promptly encouraged her to name it Scuttles. Seems like a good name for a minuscule skeleton that scuttles along behind her and laughs a lot.

2 Responses to Mmmmm…gnomeburgers (Everquest 2)
  1. AxileRose
    April 19, 2011 | 5:34 pm

    Evil Gnome has such a nice ring to it 😀

  2. a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
    April 20, 2011 | 7:33 pm

    It’s just built into gnomes I think!

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