Zhi (Jai Wolfsong)

Known Name: Zhi
Known Aliases: Zhiquiang, Jai Wolfsong, Jai’zhi
Gender: Male
Race: Ayr’Dal (Half-Elf)
Place of Birth: Ocean of Tears, Norrath
Class: Monk (Everquest 2), Jedi Knight Sentinel (SWTOR)
Current Location: Norrath, The Republic

Born as Jai Wolfsong of Sunhaven village, one of the numerous small, scattered islands within the Ocean of Tears, Jai spent his childhood apprenticed to the village blacksmith while studying at the Jinyin monastery with the other children of Sunhaven. Being the center of learning within Sunhaven, the Jinyin monastery had built up a substantial library and

offered various classes in the academic, physical, and spiritual arts for all in the village. Though some classes were exclusive to those who specifically took vows as Jinyin monks, most were publicly open to all.

Once Jai took his vows as a Jinyin monk, including his new name of Zhiquiang, or more casually, Zhi, he set out on a journey of pilgrimage, as is required of all new Jinyin monks. He ventured far to the north, many leagues past the cold, icy regions of Everfrost and Velious, to seek out advice and wisdom from  Masters Kesil and Lin-Mei of the Jag’Dar Claw, a Teir’Dal  faction of monks who claim a connection with the Ashen Order. Zhi then returned southward to New Halas to offer aid to his friend and fellow villager, Alarac, who has been very troubled with his own trials since his departure from Sunhaven.

Zhi tends to be optimistic and easygoing in his approach to life, sometimes to the disapproval of those who think he should be more serious-minded for a “spiritual monk”. Oh well!

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