My Shepard was Ninjamanced! (Mass Effect)

Currently, I’m playing a female Shepard in Mass Effect and she’s been ninjamanced…twice! She was ninjamanced once by this Asari called the Consort, and once by another Asari by the name of Liara. Note that the Asari claim to be genderless, but they have the appearance of being *VERY* feminine in a strangely idealistic human way when it comes to aliens. Shapely hips, big boobs, girly mannerisms…you get the picture. They look like nothing other than women…despite the blue skin and odd hair-dos, though they are supposedly genderless and go by “she” and call their children “daughters”.  Just so we’re clear, I’m certainly not against same sex romances in games. In fact, I fully believe that the male Shepard should have the option of romancing Kaiden, but good grief, my female Shepard likes men and has been trying to romance Kaiden herself (the *only* actual male romance option by the way) and these Asari women are all over her, and “no” apparently means “yes” in their culture.

I made the mistake of talking to Liara once after she came on board the Normandy and joined up with the crew. Just once! In fact, being that my Shepard is renegade aligned, she was actually pretty rude in general to Liara, but did that put a stop to her ploys? Oh no…Kaiden later asks my Shepard about the “thing” that he’s heard is between Shepard and Liara, and I’m thinking, “Thing??!!! WHAT THING???” The one and only conversation was about lab experiments for goodness’ sake!

Then this thing with the Consort. I won’t go into detail in order to not spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t played the game, but my Shepard didn’t even have the option to say no to a rather physical encounter with her in a cutscene. Grrr! It wouldn’t have mattered if the Consort had been male either…the point was that my Shepard didn’t want that kind of involvement and just had no interest in it.

I’m sure a lot of people playing male Shepard would have been just as annoyed had Kaiden been throwing himself all over him and/or that the Consort had been male and forced a physical encounter with him, but I guess it’s all okay if a woman does it? Unreal!

From now on, I am going to totally ignore Liara unless I specifically want my Shepards, male or female, to romance her. Not sure what I’ll do about the Consort, but oddly, I don’t recall my male Shepard being forced into a physical encounter with her…it only happened to my female Shepard.

It’s a shame about Liara though. She’s very highly educated and studies all sorts of cool things like Protean archaeology and technology. Those things alone made her cool and are the primary reasons why I chose to have my male Shepard romance her instead of Ashley (though I’ll likely have him romance Ashley in another playthrough since Ashley is pretty badass.)

Now of course, the above isn’t ruining the game for me or anything like that. There are far, far more positives than negatives, and I certainly wouldn’t be playing through the game multiple times if I didn’t enjoy it. I do think that for my final male and female Shepards, the ones I plan to later import into Mass Effect 2, I won’t have either of them romance anyone and remain safe from all the nefarious ninjamancing.

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  1. Rakuno
    October 15, 2011 | 5:33 pm

    Apologies for laughing but the term ninjamancing is just funny. First time I hear about it too.

    Anyway, totally agree with you in there. They said a long time ago they didn’t have same-sex romance in the Mass Effect games because they didn’t think Shepard as being gay. Yet they go and make a “genderless” race that is for all purposes a sort of idealized female human. Which will romance either gender. Double standard much?

    If it makes it any better you do get a lot more romance options on Mass Effect 2, if I recall correctly. And the asari companion there is a lot harder to get. Or at least I never got a romance with her. So no risk of getting ninjamanced there.

    I *think* I heard in Mass Effect 3 they will allow actual same-sex romance but I am not sure. I haven’t really been keeping up with the news of Mass Effect 3.

    Oh, also if you ever play Dragon Age 2, beware of Merril. I got ninjamanced by her in my first playthrough. I mean, I wanted to be nice to her but that doesn’t mean I wanted to have a romance with her. I had to reload and act like a jerk to her at the scene where that happened.

  2. a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
    October 16, 2011 | 2:39 pm

    In truth, I didn’t make up the term myself. Someone on the Bioware forums used it when talking about Ashley. It seems like it’s a common term over there considering how often it seem to happen in Bioware games.

    Dragon Age Origins is still in my backlog, so it will be a while before I’ll have to worry too much about DA2 and Merril. I’ll keep the warning in mind though. I don’t want to just politely say “hello” and then have her hanging all over my character. 🙂

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