Naturally, The Wrong Direction (Morrowind)

Even though I’ve played Morrowind on and off since it came out about ten years ago, I still managed to get lost on my way back from Hla Oad to Balmora. After completing a task in Hla Oad, I decided to find this “track” that followed along the river to Balmora.  When I arrived in Hla Oad from Balmora, I just went over the hills and cut across the plateau at approximately the location where Hlaalu stronghold would be built for characters who decide to join that faction. I never saw a “track” anywhere that various townsfolk kept talking about when giving me directions.

In Hla Oad, I found a road that was near the river, and a sign that pointed down it that said Balmora and set off alternating between walking and running, depending on fatigue level. After a short stop at an ancestral tomb where I felt extremely thankful that I’d had the foresight to make custom spells that restored various atributes for the total cost of 1 mana point, I began to think that I had been walking for far, far longer than it should take to reach Balmora. I’d already been on the road twice as long as my earlier cut through the hills, but when I came across another signpost, the sign there insisted I was heading towards Balmora. I pressed on.

I couldn’t find any more signposts, but when I look at the world map, it says I’m now heading to Caldera and am somewhere northwest of Balmora. So much for that “track” that goes directly to Balmora from Hla Oad! Well, since I had a fighter’s guild quest for Caldera in my journal, I thought that I’d keep going that way since it would have been my next quest choice anyway. It wasn’t long afterwards that I stumbled into the Caldera Mine encampment. Nimleth’s fatigue bar was down to zero because I had run in that direction thinking that it was the actual town of Caldera, and his health and mana were down quite a bit too from fights along the way. Even though my quest was near the mines, I really wanted to get to town to restock and refresh before beginning something new.

Then I somehow couldn’t figure out how to get to the right road from the mine encampment. I circled around and around the place trying to see if there was some small path somewhere that I missed. It’s not like it was a hidden encampment, so why the heck was it so difficult to find the way out. The most obvious way was back the way I came, but that was in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. So then I thought, “heck with it all,” and used the very last bit of Nimleth’s mana on a levitate spell. I’d made a custom spell that gave 5 levitate for 11 seconds and only cost 1 mana. His spellcasting isn’t very high, so the 1 mana is great for all the fizzles.

After levitating over the top of the mountain, I finally found the real town of Caldera. Yay! Once I reached the town, I decided to backtrack down the road to see just how it connected to the mine encampment and found out that the road connected to the road that had been back the way I came when inside the encampment, so that’s why I couldn’t find any other way out of there.

Along this route, I discovered a *very* naked Nord standing next to the road, and I mean VERY naked. See, I’d previously installed a mod called Better Bodies with the purpose of smoothing out the rough edges in the character models, but the fact that the mod also removes the really ugly undergarments didn’t really phase me as I hadn’t noticed them anyway in the course of the game so far. Well I really noticed it this time when passing this Nord because not only was he naked, he was also anatomically correct! I’d completely forgotten that quest was there, so it definitely took me by surprise. It also took me a while to stop laughing.

Finally, I headed back to Caldera to allow Nimleth a well-deserved rest at last. He didn’t even get attacked by assassins this time after renting a bed at the inn. The last time he’d slept, he got attacked three times before he could sleep without interruption. Perhaps tomorrow Nimleth will go back to the mining encampment now that he knows how to get there and back. However, I think I’ll have him use the mage transporter to get back to Balmora once he’s done. I definitely do not want to end up in Hla Oad once again!

It’s so neat to be able to get lost in a game without having everything pointed out to me at all times. Sure, I could have used a Divine Intervention scroll to instantly port to the nearest Imperial Outpost, but I was having too much fun bumbling around in the wilderness and dodging those pesky cliffracers and nix-hounds. As lost as I got, one might think I was playing a ranger instead of an assassin!

Current gaming goals:

  • Sacred (PC): Bring peace to Faeries Crossing
  • SWTOR (PC): Valor level 60 for Sabine (currently 51)
  • SWTOR (PC): Gain enough ranked comms for war hero stalker’s generator (have 565/need 3475)
  • SWTOR (PC): Complete Alderaan main quest with Jai’zhi.
  • Torchlight (Xbox 360): Get max level of 100/55 with Sabine (currently 78/55)
  • Morrowind (PC): Complete pilgrimage of the Seven Graces (currently 1/7 shrines)
2 Responses to Naturally, The Wrong Direction (Morrowind)
  1. Rakuno
    August 7, 2012 | 11:10 pm

    Ah, Morrowind, where the instructions to get around are always the most complicated possible and never work!

    And having the way pointed out to you isn’t necessarily better. Some times it might have the same effect. I lost the count of the times where in Skyrim the quest marker was on top of some mountain then I had to keep walking around to find a way to get to there. I really miss levitation at those times.

    Even in non-mountainous terrain I can still get lost in some huge, open places. Fortunately those last ones aren’t nearly so common. But they make me hate it more than the mountains!

  2. a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
    August 8, 2012 | 1:56 pm

    Yes, the directions sounded so easy, and yet I ended up waaaay out of the way from Balmora. I’ve also gotten lost with quest markers in various games, especially due to impassable terrain where I would have to find some way around it to the marker, and then have too much trouble finding the little narrow passageway somewhere that I have to go through to keep going in the right direction.

    I was finally able to levitate around Vivec this morning since I visited the temple shrine before leaving for the day. That helps me immensely with not getting lost since the buff lasts for at least half a day!

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