One Crisis Averted…New Crisis Develops (Animal Crossing Wild World)

So this weekend I managed to convince Bella to stay in town for a while longer, but today I go check on all my animal neighbors and now Vesta is all packed up and ready to go. She seemed less sure about leaving than Bella did, so I’m hoping that I’ve managed to talk her out of leaving too. I just mailed her a gift, so we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, she’ll be unpacked again tomorrow and strolling sheepishly about town.

Nook is finally open again after a day of renovations and I went excitedly to visit his store only to find that he still didn’t have an axe in stock. Boo! I may never get to rearrange all these trees at this rate. I did buy some more medicine for Goose who is still sick and shivering in his little house. Poor thing. Because Nook was closed, Goose had to go without medicine yesterday.

I still haven’t figured out how to catch the scorpion or tarantula. Sources say I’m not supposed to have my net out because the net will make them run up and bite you, and knock you out so that you wake up in front of your house (which happened to me a few times already), but today when I saw both a scorpion and a tarantula (not at the same time) and didn’t have my net out, they still ran off into the water. They just didn’t bite me this time. I didn’t even get close enough to get the net out to catch them before they were both gone.

On a good note, I purchased four more flowers from Nook and planted two near my house and the other two near the Town Hall. I’ve also started collecting spare furniture for the Flea Market that should be scheduled pretty soon. I want to have a few things handy for my animals to buy when they stop by the house on that day. Hopefully, they’ll be selling some good stuff too.

My plans for the rest of this evening is to go around shaking all of the trees. More native fruit has grown in the past couple of days (haven’t been able to plant the foreign fruit I’ve received from my animals due to the lack of an axe) and I want to harvest all of it to sell. A couple days ago, I found a coconut washed up on the beach (yay!) and planted that near the beach, and it’s gotten a bit larger today! It looks like it just might live and I’ll have more coconuts for more trees soon.

Considering that this town was chock full of weeds, neglected animal neighbors, and other miscellaneous junk, Briar is starting to shape up nicely. I’m very pleased with this town so far.

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