Play of the Day (Everquest 2, Sims 3)

The Moonlight Grottoes are back today in Everquest 2. Every month around the 20th, enchanted grottoes appear throughout Norrath offering both adventure and crystals to exchange for fun items from grotto merchants. Tonight, Sabine visited two grottoes — the mosquito infested grotto in the Enchanted Lands, and the lush grotto at the Greater Faydark nursery. Turns out that Sabine leveled off of one of those pesky mosquitoes. I was going to do the rest of the grottoes, but got tired and logged off for the night. Maybe I’ll have a chance to get to them tomorrow before they vanish once again for the month.

Everquest 2 - Sabine - Frostfell 2010 - Opening a Gifty BoxAfter the Enchanted Lands grotto, Sabine stopped off at the Gigglegibber goblins’ Gifty Warehouse. It’s *not* right there under the docks, according the goblin there willing to exchange extra gifts for E’ci tokens. Yes, it’s supposed to be a secret, but there it is. The goblins needed help retrieving their gifts from warehouse invaders though, so it’s a good thing for them that the secret wasn’t too difficult to decipher. Sabine had lots of fun opening up all of the gifty boxes and rescuing the gifts for Ex-Gardy Giftgiver (who happens to be a dark elf and not a goblin. Odd, I know.)

Sims 3 - Alcove with Test Lots -  Dec 20, 2010Did some more sculpting in the Sims 3 Create a World editor. I’m trying to get those alcoves to look right. I think part of my issue with them is that I’m still not realizing the size of the terrain map compared to the average sizes of the lots that will end up on the map. Because I’m seeing the entirety of the map, the alcoves give me the impression of being smaller than they really are. In order to avoid similar confusion as I continue to work on the map, I went ahead and placed a couple of temporary lots. The larger one is 64.×64 and is the largest lot possible in the game, and the other is 20×30 and is a popular lot size for many types of buildings. I’ll get better at it as I get more and more used to the tools, and as the map continues to take shape.

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