That Crazy Maid (Sims 3)

I spent a lot of time yesterday evening working out with some Your Shape Fitness programs on my Xbox 360 Kinect and didn’t have a lot of time left to spare before sleeping. However, I was able to get in some Sims 3. My original plan was to figure out if Zhi was able to detonate portable instruments, and if not, how he could learn to detonate them. Every sim in Bridgeport seems to have those portable instruments and do nothing besides play them or watch other sims play them. I’d like for my Bridgeport to be a bit more lively, so those instruments really need to go. And what better and fun way for them to go than to blow them up!

Other than finding out that Zhi doesn’t yet have this detonate ability, my original plan fell through. An opportunity arose through Zhi’s mysterious “agent” that his fans would like to see him having a drink over at the Plasma 501 club. In hopes of finding portable instruments to try to detonate there, he decided to go. Nothing particularly interesting happened except that the mixologist serving him his drink had the oddest looking hair-do. So odd that I decided to record it for all time. *points to the picture at the top of this post*

Sims 3 - Zhi - December 2010 - Maid02 - Maid dropped wet laundry in the lobbyIt was after Zhi returned home, got some sleep, and was getting ready to head in for his law enforcement job that things started to get more interesting. See, Zhi hired a maid some time ago by the name of Feng Choo. Sims 3 - Zhi - December 2010 - Maid03 - Pile of wet laundry in the lobbyNow Feng has turned out to be an odd sort. He’s taken the initiative to chat online using Zhi’s computer, and has helped himself to ice cream out of the fridge, even going so far as to sit down at the kitchen table to eat it.

Sims 3 - Zhi - December 2010 - Maid04 - Maid cleaning after disposing of laundryWell, Zhi decided to put in some laundry right before leaving the apartment. Right after Zhi left, Feng walked in and over to the washing machine and took the laundry out of the machine. At first I thought that he was just putting it in the dryer (though the cycle seemed too short), but no, he carried the laundry over to the apartment door, ouside, and down the elevator to the lobby. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing with it since there is no laundromat in my Bridgeport, and what else would he be doing with the laundry?Sims 3 - Zhi - December 2010 - Maid05 - Maid stuck in elevator

What else indeed?

Turns out that Feng just dumped the wet laundry in the middle of the apartment downstairs lobby. Yup. Just dumped it and left it while it made a huge, wet puddle on the floor. Then Feng went back upstairs to the apartment to clean. Er…okay….

He actually did a good job that day cleaning the rest of the apartment, but got stuck in the elevator doors on the way down. Hah! Serves him right!

(Note that you can click on any of the pictures to make them larger.)

2 Responses to That Crazy Maid (Sims 3)
  1. Stargrace
    December 23, 2010 | 3:41 pm

    What the heck.. LOL that’s hilarious! My maids are incredibly lazy and I fire them often for doing weird things, but I have never had one drop my clothes off outside my place and leave them there. LOL.

    Love reading your adventures so far.

  2. a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
    December 23, 2010 | 5:28 pm

    I go back and forth daily as to whether or not to fire this maid, but I can never seem to bring myself to actually do it. He does clean up things most of the time, and the next maid could be even worse, so I just keep deciding to remain entertained by this one. 🙂

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