The Rising of Sabine – Everquest 2

I’ve been letting my Assassin character, Sabine, level up a little bit lately, and she’s getting very close to level 32 where she will need all new armor and equipment. She’s been going very slow as I’ve been moving her through all of the questlines and also keeping her upgraded and she already has over 100 AA’s. Oddly, she’s been around since nearly day 1 of EQ2, but I mostly had her just doing alchemy and she was even very familiar with the WORTs of days past. Very glad when those went away!

A while ago, I decided that she would be my new main character. My previous main character is a paladin, and my next highest level character is a shadowknight, and I just got really, really tired of playing tanks. They weren’t needed in raids unless they were extremely well-equipped (and mine aren’t) and while groups can be fun, I just don’t always enjoy pulling and taunting. I wanted to do something else! (I still like my tanks and I also have a newbie monk that I love playing, but getting stuck with only a tank character at higher levels can be extremely frustrating so I’ve been intentionally neglecting them outside of crafting and harvesting and holiday stuff.)

Right now, I have crafters working to get to 40 so that they can make some of Sabine’s equipment. She already has stuff made and waiting in preparation from my higher level crafters. Since we were able to buy more character slots though, I now  have crafters of various levels for all 9 crafting professions.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Sabine though and believe that she is going to work out very well, though it may take her until 2020 to get to level 90! I only hope that the upcoming housing changes happen before she betrays back to Gorowyn (she betrayed to Qeynos for the Madam title and for the quests) so that she can re-buy her very first home in Nettleville without losing her existing Gorowyn home. When she first entered Norrath, she immediately moved from Willow Wood over to Nettleville to live amidst all of the kitties, but then needed to deal with some business over in the Freeport area and ended up in Longshadow Alley for a time.

But when Kunark was discovered and she saw all of those cute Sarnak, she was in love! She packed up and moved there immediately and really, really appreciates all of the eye candy. She can’t wait to get back.  🙂

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  1. Rakuno
    March 23, 2011 | 11:22 am

    Having two tanks (or one tank and one technically a tank depending on how you see it) at a higher level I fully support this decision.

    See, the problem is, with this lack of options, if the party already has a tank, then you end up playing pseudo-DPS. Or if your party has someone else who can do the tank position and you really need someone of another class to fill the group. Or you are brain-dead and your friends just need someone to fill the group so a less intensive role would be nice… And so on. There is a lot of reasons to have other role options at higher levels.

    By the way, am I seeing too much into the screenshot or did Sabinerak become a Freeblood? Just seems like it by the green glowing eyes and their shape.

    • a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
      March 23, 2011 | 7:52 pm

      I’ve experienced all of those things and it definitely isn’t a whole lot of fun feeling like a tag-a-long and the only reason that you’re really there is because they like you. Not that it’s not nice that they want you to be there because they like you, but it’s even more fun to be wanted *and* to be useful!

      Sabine’s not a Freeblood, so it’s just a trick of the light (or is it? *mysterious music*) I managed to catch that screenie when she was inside that Brewday instance where you have to choose the correct cup. She’s definitely not a vampire of any sort though! I did like the look of that screenshot though. Hee hee.

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