Today’s Gameplay (Sims 3, Everquest 2)

This morning I hopped out of bed and raced to the computer to do some more terrain sculpting in the Sims 3 Create a World editor. I continued with the “alcove” idea from yesterday, but redid some things and now my map looks similar to the photo here. I’ve since made a “ramp” going up to one to one of the flat areas, so assuming that I don’t redo these areas yet again, it should show up on future screenies. What I’m trying to do is add some interest through multiple heights so that everything is not on the same flat level. Whether or not sims will eventually be able to access those areas is to be discovered. In any case, I’m still just sculpting, so the coloring is still very plain with no terrain paints. At least the map is starting to take some shape and may eventually even look like something.

So then I actually played the game, loading up my sim, Zhi, who lives in a small apartment in Bridgeport. He’s just returned from a weekend vacation in Egypt, where he poked around in a tomb for flame fruit and chatted up the locals. One annoyance is that he learned a couple of songs from said locals (such as “I can’t find my mummy” – or some such) and now he won’t stop singing them. He sings them while he’s cooking and even stops in the middle of the street and just starts singing them there. He has no musical traits whatsoever, but that hasn’t stopped him from singing.

Eventually, he calmed down to study the eating habits of minnows and I was able to convince him to put up a Frostfell tree (er…did I really just say Frostfell?) Ah…he put up a holiday tree, but decided it should be more modern looking than the typical green and red coloring. It kind of reminds me of the aluminum trees pictured in Charlie Brown Christmas, but it’s the tree that Zhi wanted and so there it is.

Afterwards, I popped into Everquest 2 to check on Sabine’s Frostfell adventures (Frostfell is actually the winter holiday here) and managed to get a couple shots of her in some of her holiday garb. Later tonight, she plans to help out the Gigglegibber goblins with more holiday gifting, but for now she’s taking a small break (and allowing me to write up this post!)

Friday night, my guild had a Frostfell party. I meant to get 29834 screenshots and write up a big blog post all about it, but I got distracted by all the fun and the RP that I only got a few shots of the event, and most of those few were not all that great.  Plus, every time I get 29834 screenshots, they seem overwhelming to organize and I end up neglecting the post. So, I’ve just included a couple of the better ones in the thumbnails below. Click to resize, of course. I’m determined to learn to take better shots in the future though! Should have taken one of all the wonderful pies. Mmmm pie!

Everquest 2 - Sabine - Frostfell 2010 on a horse in New HalasSetting up for the The Tempest guild snowball fightSestra and Drakkan - cute Iksar couple

2 Responses to Today’s Gameplay (Sims 3, Everquest 2)
  1. Stargrace
    December 19, 2010 | 7:19 pm

    Looks like you had a fantastic time! I love watching your Sims world take life, starting to look amazing 😀

  2. a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
    December 19, 2010 | 7:30 pm

    I was up until 4am last night fiddling with it. 🙂

    I loved to play with doll houses and train sets when I was a kid, and this way I can do a lot of the same stuff but without all of the mess!

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