Warzone Daily Chaos (SWTOR)

So the first thing I do after logging onto SWTOR this evening is grab Sabine’s PvP daily and jump into the warzone queue. Naturally, my first game ends up being huttball. Apparently, I am being punished by the gods for having avoided huttball yesterday only to have it not only be my first warzone for today, but also having to play it twice. Twice!

The first game was a disaster. I couldn’t seem to maneuver very well with my mouse, and ended up passing the ball over to an enemy player. Granted, I was stunned and couldn’t figure out my directions, but that’s pretty much how the entire game went for me. Novarre Coast being my second game wasn’t much better. I couldn’t scratch the healer I was targeting and kept getting stunned and killed. Somehow I managed to get a few medals and not come in last place though.

Then I was in huttball again. (Alas!) This game went much, much better. I passed the ball across the channel to the person on my team who then scored, and not too much longer, I managed to score myself! Yay! Though that game still kind of traumatizes me, being on a team that was working together the way we were doing was really pretty nice.

Navarre Coast was next once again and *that* game also went very well for me! So my daily ended on a good note from an unpleasant beginning.

Once Sabine’s daily was done, I logged on with Jai’zhi to work on some quests on Tatooine, and completed a couple before getting distracted by the Torchlight game I have running on my 360. It’s a pretty nifty game that I’ll write about in another post. I’ve been taking my time on Tatooine because I really, really like that planet and the jawas are sooo cute! They remind me so much of ratongas in EQ2 that it seems that I sometimes see furry little noses with whiskers rather than big glowing eyes under their hoods. 🙂

On a different note, I’ve decided to list my primary gaming goals and progress for my current games at the bottom of each of my posts. At first, I was just going to list those things for whatever game I posted about that day, but I think doing it that way could get more confusing since I’m not always posting about the same game. Note that I do have other goals as well as some other games, but I’m limiting my list to my top few goals at any given time.

Current gaming goals:

  • Sacred (PC): Finish clearing area between Urkenburgh and Porto Vallum for map exploration (Working on this now)
  • Sacred (PC): See how far south I can go before the “you shouldn’t be here” message appears (Not very far)
  • SWTOR (PC): Complete Sabine’s battlemaster armor set (I’m only one relic away!)
  • SWTOR (PC): Valor level 50 for Sabine (currently 46)
  • SWTOR (PC): Gain enough ranked comms for war hero weapon (have 3000/need 3475)
  • SWTOR (PC): Complete Tatooine bonus series with Jai’zhi
  • Torchlight (Xbox 360): Get max level of 100/55 with Sabine (Currently 77/55)

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