Was Dr. Frankenstein a Gamer?

I’m in the midst of creating a monster. A monster made up of a whole bunch of games and a limited amount of time to play them all. Or at least to focus on them all, since theoretically, I *can* play them all…just not all at once. For example, I started playing Morrowind a few days ago since I bought it off of a Steam sale and I no longer had the excuse to procrastinate reinstalling it because of all the discs. I’d also started playing Sacred. Because of these games, I’ve had no opportunity to go into SWTOR and complete some of my objectives there.

On top of it all, I got a new TV yesterday, so to try it out, I put my Fallout 3 disc back into my Xbox 360 after hooking it up to the TV, and spent a bunch of time trying to remember how to play that game and what I was doing when I stopped playing a few months ago (having gotten distracted by other things of course), and so now that I’ve gotten that all (mostly) figured out again, I’m wanting to get back into *that* game too. It looks fantastic on the new TV by the way.

Then there’s Guild Wars 2. Yes, I’ve finally pre-ordered it. I had meant to pre-order it from the time I first heard of Guild Wars 2 many months ago, and my intent was to get a bunch of stuff done in Guild Wars 1 for the Hall of Monuments. You know how many points out of 50 I’ve so far gotten towards the Hall of Monuments? Three to be exact. I may have a couple or more points floating out there for once I actually find the HoM in the game as I haven’t yet set foot in the Eye of the North expansion, but my plan for gaining HoM points turned out to be a dire one. Well Guild Wars 1 is supposed to hang around for a while and I can still get HoM points even after Guild Wars 2 begins, but we’ll see if that ever happens.

Why can’t I be the type of person to pick something and stick with it until there is nothing left to do and I am obligated to move on? On a good note, I absolutely never get bored, so I think I’d rather have my problem. šŸ™‚

Current gaming goals:

  • Sacred (PC): Bring peace to Faeries Crossing
  • SWTOR (PC): Valor level 60 for SabineĀ (currently 51)
  • SWTOR (PC): Gain enough ranked comms for war hero stalker’s generatorĀ (have 565/need 3475)
  • SWTOR (PC): Complete Alderaan main quest with Jai’zhi.
  • Torchlight (Xbox 360): Get max level of 100/55 with SabineĀ (currently 79/55)
  • Morrowind (PC): Collect all propylonĀ indices
  • Morrowind (PC): Complete pilgrimage of the Seven Graces
3 Responses to Was Dr. Frankenstein a Gamer?
  1. Rakuno
    August 12, 2012 | 7:10 pm


    I feel your pain. I am pretty much in the same situation except with different games. I also have 3 points in the Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars 1. And I still have to do stuff in the Farmer’s Faire in Lotro and the Summer Festival in Final Fantasy XIV. Assuming both aren’t gone already that is.

  2. a.girl.IRL (Rebecca)
    August 13, 2012 | 6:01 am

    I’ll bet your three points and my three points are for the same thing. šŸ™‚

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