Zhiquiang, Jinyin Monk (Everquest 2)

I think it was sometime last year when we were finally able to purchase more character slots in Everquest 2. For the longest time (since 2004), I’d wanted to have nine character slots available on a server so that I could make one of each type of crafter. It agitated me that I was “missing” some important crafters when the game first started. It was even more agitating to only be lacking armorer and weaponcrafter right before the new character slot option opened up.

The first thing I did when I could buy more slots is make my two crafters. Now I love monks and martial arts, and I think the only reason that I avoided making a monk in EQ2 is that I’d already had a paladin and shadowknight planned out before the game was released for roleplay reasons, and I was hesitant to make yet another tank character. When I made my two new characters though, I just couldn’t resist making one of them a monk.

Other than crafting, I still didn’t really play with Zhi (my new monk) all that much. I’d been working on other stuff in the game, and also wanted to get a non-tank character to a higher level, so Zhi just didn’t get to come out very often.  I’ve had his background in my mind since the beginning, but hadn’t gotten any of it written out until now, until one of my guildmates (*hugs Reccon for being a ratonga*) decided to create a progressive roleplay group to go through the game content while being completely in-character. Even though I’ve been out of my MMO mood and more into my single-player games, I just couldn’t resist this one. I had to sign up right away!

I didn’t have any character slots left for any more new characters (and I’d already bought a 10th slot for a Freeblood), I had to decide which of my existing characters I could use. Out of three options, Zhi was the one who lucked out as I just wasn’t in the mood to play the other two. I just wanted the chance to play and RP with my monk.

As it turns out, I’ve finally gotten Zhi’s bio written and you can view it here:

 Zhiquiang (Jai Wolfsong)

(Eventually, I really will get the bios written up for all my characters as I keep promising!)

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  1. Rakuno
    October 13, 2011 | 12:14 am

    Hehe. A long time ago I got the same urge to get all 9 crafters. Still haven’t got them all and might never do, but it still on my to-do list. Weaponsmith is also one that I feel sorely missing in my cast of crafters… Not only because I have some weird fascination with melee weapons as because they seem to be hard to find when you need them (for example for the earring of solstice or the shawl).

    Glad to see the character slots opened that possibility for you as well as allowing you to make a monk (bestest class ever. Even though they are hard as hell to play well.)

    Also nice to hear (read?) about the progression roleplay group. I had heard about people doing the progression group thing before but always thought it was purely from a gameplay perspective. Kinda like experience the game as expansions got released. Never thought about people doing it with a focus on roleplay.

    Oh, as far as gameplay it is technically possible to play a monk as a DPS character and they do decently at that role. They won’t do as much DPS as a well-played scout or mage, of course, but it is nothing to scoff at either. Plus it is generally accepted for them to play that role due to them being DPS in EQ1. Even as tanks they feel (at least for me) pretty different from a plate tank. Also far more challenging as things stand now. Still, fun class. 🙂

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